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The Engines of Rudy Kouhoupt

Rudy Kouhoupt may no longer be with us, but his legacy lives on. For those who don’t know Rudy, he penned “The Micro Machinist” column for The Home Shop Machinist magazine. He also wrote several articles for Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading. After his death in 2004, Rudy’s engines were donated to the Joe Martin Craftsmanship Museum, where they will continue to amaze and inspire metalworkers and model engineers.

Rudy built all types of engines: stationary steam, steam tractors, steam locomotives, Stirling, and IC engines, many of which were featured in Village Press magazines. Rudy also wrote tooling, technique, and shop improvement articles. Perhaps Rudy’s greatest project was building his own lathe as a young man.

For your viewing pleasure, we present this video showing some of Rudy’s engines running on compressed air. The video was provided by our friends at the Joe Martin Craftsmanship Museum.

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