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Milling Machine Table Position Measurement
by David Craig

I would like to get a digital readout for my milling machine. However, until such time, I have resorted to counting turns of the table handwheel.

To assist in keeping track of the turns, I found a metal scale that fits very nicely, Photoafter some adjustment, between the table end feed kick outs and under the movable kick outs. I was going to cut the scale lengthwise to show just the lower graduations; however, then it would not sit tight against the kick out. I simply stuck the scale in place with some thick grease.

PhotoThere are many scales available; I selected one graduated in 1/10″ so as to stay in sync with the table advance, which is .2″ per turn.

Now a convenient jot with a felt marker will provide a reference line, and it’s easily erased/moved when the reference line changes from one project to the next.

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