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Tormach Open House 2016


Shop Tips

Support for Small Parts
by Ken Hemmelgarn

I came up with a way to support small work held in a collet for cross drilling. I took a bolt, modified the head to support the end of the extended shaft, and drilled a clearance hole in the bolt head to clear the drill.

Photo Photo

The modified jack made it a simple task to run the 1/16″ drill through the .150″ diameter shaft.


Cutting Multiple Pieces of Tubing
by John Valencic

Recently, I had a job where I needed to cut 45 pieces of 3/8″ tubing – quite the tedious job since tubing is difficult to hold without marring. My solution was to chuck the tubing in the lathe headstock, then chuck a piece of 3/16″ x 36″ drill rod in the tailstock and extend it into the tubing. The lathe was set to 80 rpm; I then proceeded to cut the pieces into the length needed with a tubing cutter. The lathe made this an easy job and the drill rod kept the pieces from falling into the chip pan. After several were cut, the drill rod was cleared of the cut pieces and the process repeated.


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