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by Ed Nisley

Sherline Clamps

A small improvement: add a snippet of heat stink – I mean, shrink – tubing to the screw in the L-shaped hold-down clamps and the screw won’t go walkabout in your tooling widget case.

Make the tubing the same length as the distance from the clamp to the table surface and it’ll remind you how far to screw on the T-nut when you swap the clamps from tooling plate to milling machine table.

Sherline Clamps

The Sherline Mill Vise (PN 3551) comes with a set of clamps. They’re also available separately as the “Four-Jaw Hold-down Set” (PN 3058). Photo 1 shows the Sherline clamp screws with heatshrink.

Photo 2 shows the Sherline clamp in action

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