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junbModel-makers and tool-room machinists often find it necessary to improvise special lathe dog drivers when setting up precision jobs on lathes and milling machines. This special driver is designed to prevent chattering and undue backlash when machining light work between centers, using either a conventional dog or the clamp-type toolmaker’s dog. It is made from a short piece of 3/8″ flat steel and is center-drilled and taper-reamed to fit the dead center, at the top end of the taper. Make sure that it fits far enough back on the taper so it will not interfere with the workpiece.

It is then slotted through from one end to the tapered hole and is cross-drilled and tapped for a cap screw to provide a clamping action. A slightly over-sized hole drilled near the opposite end takes the tail of the dog. The hole location and size will be determined by the dog that is used.



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