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by Kenneth J. Hemmelgarn

Lament not a heated shop! The blue material that makes up my wall is 4 foot x 8 foot x 1 inch builder’s Styrofoam that is tongue and groove on the long edges. The bottoms rest on the garage floor and the tops are suspended from a lowered support that makes up the necessary room to reach the top of the sheet.

cheap insulated wall

The sheets are held together with duct tape and have been standing for about ten years.

I cut a door through one sheet; it looks like a bulkhead hatch without the surround. The hinges are made from duct tape that has been passed from the outside in and inside out. Since there was no clearance cut when I made the door, it snugs into place when I close it and no latch is needed.

This construction has allowed me to easily move several lathes in and out of the shop. The tape is removed and the sheet insulation removed so that the lathes can enter and leave.

I have a small electric space heater running on a thermostat set at sixty degrees F, and another I plug in when I need a little more heat.

All in all, one of the best $100 bills I ever spent!

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