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T-Handle Removal Tool

By E. Paul Alciatore III

Have you ever needed to disassemble the T-handle from a tap wrench or similar tool? I have encountered this problem many times. It is a perfect example of one-way assembly and no matter how hard you pull on the handle or how fast you try to pull it out, it remains stubbornly assembled. I recently needed to disassemble my hex wrench to file a hex on the top for another project.


Inspiration hit me and after a few quick snips with a pair of small scissors on a plastic soda straw, I had myself a removal tool. When the straw is situated as in the photos, the T-handle slides right out with almost no effort at all!

The best part of all is this tool was created in a matter of seconds and cost next to nothing.


For reassembly, the straw likely won’t be strong enough to depress the spring and pawl. Instead, use a small screwdriver or a straightened paper clip to hold the spring and pawl down. Select something that is about half the diameter of the pawl to allow the T-handle to slide partially over while holding it down.

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