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Pass Along HSM

Pass Along HSM
August 08

Cheap and Readily Available Spacers
by Peter Fletcher

The first issue was how to support a presidential candidate with a bumper sticker without making a permanent change in my vehicle's appearance. I used some rubberized material that is used to make refrigerator magnets and stuck the sticker to it. When the election was over, I stuck them on a file cabinet. I've noticed that most bumper stickers are being made this way nowadays.

There they sat for about four years until I had an occasion to turn three rings, approximately 1/2" x 1/2" with an ID of 3.25" + .002" for use as gages. I found the three-jaw chuck's jaws would interfere with the tool as I got close to the finished dimension. I needed spacers, but trying to hold three spacers and the part and close the chuck jaws did not look doable. This is where the bumper sticker magnet came to be used as the spacers to shim the part out from the chuck jaws. They stayed politely in place while I chucked up the part. An added bonus was that the "spacers" can easily be cut by the tool without harm.

When the rings were done, the spacers and their source were safely returned to the file cabinet for the next time.

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