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Pass Along MW

Pass Along MW
March 09

The following is an excerpt from the April/May 2009 issue of Machinist's Workshop

A Brass Bouquet for Mother’s Day
by Walter Yetman

Flowers can bloom any time of the year using some basic machinery and a little creativity. The materials needed for this project can be purchased at any hobby store. An evening or two spent in the workshop will produce a beautiful bouquet of brass flowers!

Beginning with a template, I scribed the petals on a sheet of .025" thick brass sheet. A pair of aviation sheet metal strips was used to cut out four pairs of flower petals. Until all of the sheet metal pieces were deburred, I wore gloves to protect my hands. (Nothing can ruin the enthusiasm for a project faster than a nasty cut. Safety First!) Use a file to deburr the sharp edges of each petal. After deburring, I went over each petal a second time to be sure no sharp edges remained. (Use a file, belt sander, or deburring tool, but please be careful to remove sharp edges.)

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The four pairs of petals were clamped together on a hardwood block. A center punch was used to mark the clearance hole for the 4-40 NC socket head screw that would hold the flower together. Use a No. 32 drill to drill through the petals. After drilling, the work was unclamped and each hole deburred.

The stem began life as a 5/32" solid brass rod 12" long. Using the lathe, hold the rod with a collet and face it off. The end of the rod is then center drilled and drilled with a No. 43 drill bit. Tapping the end of the stem for a 4-40 NC thread completes the stem.

The stamen of the flower consisted of three pieces: the base, the stamen rods, and the stamen tips. After the pieces were fabricated, they were soldered together, creating the stamen.

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