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Pass Along MW

Pass Along MW
April 08

Steady Rest Accuracy
by Jack Johns

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was asked to re-machine the centers, in both ends, of four 4" diameter x 50" long hardened rolls. The ends were plugged and soft, so they could be machined. The tolerance was .0002" TIR on a dead center.

I set up a roll in the usual way, using a four-jaw chuck and solid steady rest jaws. After cutting the center and checking it, it ran out .0015" TIR.

An older machinist saw that I was having difficulty and explained that the chuck jaws were deflecting the roll, even though I had indicated the roll very accurately. He told me to place a ring of 3/16" diameter brass or other soft metal wire around the chuck jaws, making sure the wire ring is square with the chuck to prevent deflection. The results were very good; I received a number of sets to do!

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