Whether it’s a drawing, spreadsheet, or chart, it can be useful to have the actual electronic file on hand.
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Metric Drill Sizes
Imperial Drill Sizes

Jul-Aug 2019

“Metric Threading on an Antique Lathe” by Blaine Geddes

Jan-Feb 2019

“Manual Numerical Control: Creating 2D Curves on Your Lathe” by Ronald Pierik

Jan-Feb 2018

“Hold Onto that Boring Bar – Part One” by Michael Ward

Nov-Dec 2017

“A Small Dividing Head for the Home Shop – Part Two” by John Manhardt

Sep-Oct 2017

“A Small Dividing Head for the Home Shop – Part One” by John Manhardt

Jul-Aug 2017

“Chips & Sparks: Speed Charts” by David Hansen

May-Jun 2017

“Rupnow Flathead Engine – Part Four” by Brian Rupnow
“Using Spacer Blocks” by R. G. Sparber

“Profiled Fly Cutters for Gear Cutting” by Martin Gearing

Mar-Apr 2017

“Rupnow Flathead Engine – Part Three” by Brian Rupnow
“Making Gear Cutters using a Formed Profile” by Martin Gearing

Jan-Feb 2017

“Rupnow Flathead Engine – Part Two” by Brian Rupnow

Nov-Dec 2016

“Rupnow Flathead Engine – Part One” by Brian Rupnow

Jul-Aug 2016

“Metric Threading” by Marc Pohm

May-Jun 2016

“Readers’ Forum: Fifteen Puzzle Drawings” by Bob Dewey

May-Jun 2014

Steam Turbine” by Walter Erspamer

Sep-Oct 2013

“Chips & Sparks: Threading Tables” by Thomas Bruhns

Sep-Oct 2012

“My Version of a Drill Finder Chart” by Joe Blumber

Mar-Apr 2011

“Change Gear Dividing on the Mark II Atlas 6″” by Reid B. Kowallis