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Transfer screws can easily be made with a few spare parts and a little time. Just use socket head setscrews and slip in a point made from an old hex key. The point can be secured with a drop or two of Loctite, or a similar adhesive. When cutting the tip off of the hex key with an abrasive wheel, or when grinding the point, make sure to take your time and keep the steel cool. Excessive heat during the grinding and cutting will soften the point, reducing the lifespan of the tool.
When cutting the hex section to length, make it long enough to leave a little of the hex sticking above the setscrew socket. This will give you some flats to grab with small pliers when removing the transfer tool from the threaded hole. Lacking a small enough pair of pliers, the socket of another setscrew could be used as a wrench for tool removal; just be sure that your point is ground short enough to allow your “socket wrench” to reach the hex. Make several in each size you might need.

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