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Quick and Easy Machinist Jack
by Howie Grunert

Sometimes when working in a mill vise, the workpiece will overhang the vise and flex when you drill it. Of Photocourse, this is no good and a solution must be found to support the overhanging end.

Instead of having to find a jack and install it, I just grab a step block from my mill’s T-slot clamping kit and support the work with that. The steps are close enough together that so far all my work has fit a step in the block perfectly.


When No Dies Are About
by Quincy Collins

Here is a tip for repairing damaged threads when cutting bolts and no suitable dies are on hand: Before sawing a bolt I screw on a nut so that after mashing up the threads with the hacksaw I can unscrew the nut off the bolt, right over the damaged area, thus getting rid of the worst damage. After a quick chamfer on the grinder I can screw on a new nut without a problem.


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