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Close Quarters Hex Wrench
by Roger Taylor


A recent project involving the refurbishment of one of my machine tools left me with two stubborn 1/2-13 Photosocket head cap screws that were rusted and in an awkward spot to get a wrench on.


The 3/8″ hex driver/ratchet combo was too tall to fit so I took a standard hex (Allen) wrench and cut it down enough to just gain purchase of the cap screw hex. I was able to break both of the fasteners loose with this tool, Photobut it was a painfully slow process to wind out the 2″ long screws at 1/4 turn per engagement. Then, I thought of using the hex stub cut-off and my 3/8″-7/16″ ratcheting box wrench.


The two photos show both the tool adaptation and the tight spot it got me out of. There must be a similar tool set on the market but, unfortunately, I didn’t own it!


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