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Improved Mower Wheels
by Leon Ridenour

The treads on my old lawn mower wheels were wearing out, Photobut I didn’t want to spring for a new set just yet. My solution isn’t high tech, but it brought traction back for a fraction of the cost of new. I screwed 1/2″ slotted washer-head hex screws right into the wheel. The 1/2″ length penetrated through to the plastic rim. It should take a while to wear these out!


Homemade Springs – Final Step
by Phil Ludwig

Yet another good tip by Mark Jacniewicz! However, if a homemade spring maker wants to complete the job, they should put the spring in the oven. Turn it on to around 180° F and leave it there for about 30 minutes, then drop the spring in some water. Even better, drop it into cold cooking oil or old engine oil. The spring will last much longer!


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