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Wrench Spinner
by Tom McCune

We got a new chuck at work that takes many turns to open and close. Getting tired of turning the standard chuck wrench, I made a spinner. PhotoIt’s a simple turned piece of steel with a cross hole for a close fit on the wrench handle. A setscrew locks it in position.

The chuck jaws can be quickly adjusted by using the spinner and then tightened by using the wrench in the conventional manner. Be sure to put a good finish on the spinner so it turns comfortably in your hand.


Ant Jack
by Don Wiederhold

PhotoThis is a simple little machinist jack and you most likely have half of it already; just use the coupling nut from your clamp kit.

Purchase a 1/2-13 hex head bolt with threads that run full length. Face the thread designation markings off of the hex head and chamfer the edges.

Not only is this tool handy for leveling up irregular shaped parts, it also works well to force something into shape.


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