The following saw blade tips were submitted to us through our Pass Along Email Tips! 
Making saw blades fit

Making Them Fit!

by Mark Jachniewicz

Here is my method for enlarging holes in inexpensive Harbor Freight carbide saw blades so I can use them in my Makita saw with its 20 mm arbor. This method has helped me save a lot of money!

  1. Place an old blade with a 20 mm hole on top of the new blade, making sure it is centered.
  2. With a magic marker, trace the 20 mm hole to mark the new blade.
  3. Now, you can cut fast to the edge of the marker line.
  4. Once roughed out, take small cuts in tiny increments, with lots of measurements, to sneak up on the finished size.


Don’t Toss Those Broken Blades!

by John Viggers

Broken saw blade modificationA while back, I was inspired by a great tip from Stacey Olsen, titled “Cutting Thin Grooves for C-clips”(click here to view this tip).

I made my own slightly modified version, held together with an 8 mm cap screw (see the photo). As you can see, it provides a use for those broken blades.